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Z-Acu-Therapy is named after the creator of this approach to pain management - Dr. Dongxun Zhang D.AOM, L. Ac. Dr. Zhang is a renowned doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which he learned at an early age from his family tradition. He has studied under many established TCM experts such as geriatrics expert, Dr. Farong Zhang, kidney disease expert, Dr. Yianqin Zou, and the founder of wrist and ankle acupuncture Dr. Xinshu Zhang. Dr. Zhang is the founder of the “Zhang’s Sternum Region Diagnosis and Treatment System as well as the Zhang’s Micro-system Treatment method. He holds a major international award, the Huang Di award, for his outstanding contribution to Chinese Medicine.


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Teresa Mullan Frease, M-Phil, LMT

Teresa is a practitioner of Z-Acu-Therapy and is affiliated with Austin Natural Healing Center. She is one of only 5 practitioners in the country and was personally trained by Dr. Zhang in this revolutionary new approach to pain management, stress and insomnia relief. She has also studied and practiced Dr. Zhang’s Traditional Qi Gong, under his instruction for the past 19 years. She is a certified senior Qi Gong teacher and teaches Dr. Zhang’s most advanced Qi Gong levels.